Welcome to sunny Bridge hamster rescue



 Hello and welcome to the site i run a non funded hamster and small animal rescue based in cheshunt we opened im march 2010. We currently house over 50 hamsters along with many other rescued animals.
Our aim - sunny bridge aim to rescue and rehome unwanted or neglected animals.
There are allways many small furry animals looking for homes if you are interested in rehoming an animal please take a look in the animals for rehoming section.
If you are unable to rehome but wish to adopt or make a donation to the rescue please click on the adoption or donation sections.
Taking on a pet is a big comitment, you need to concider everything before giving an animal a home. For example the cost of the cage, small animals are very active and enjoy lots of things to do so the bigger the cage the better. They should have lots of toys to play with such as cardboard tubes wooden tubes or arches to chew on to wear there teeth down, solid plastic wheels etc. Food - small animals need to be fed daily, they have very fast motabalisms so food needs to be avaliable at all times. Water - small animals can dehydrate quickly so they need to have a constant supply of water at all times.
Time - Most small animals enjoy being handled so if possible it is nice to get them out every day for half an hour so they can interact and play with you. Also your pet should be cleaned regulary once a week is recomended.
Unwanted pets.
If you have a pet you can no longer care for please contact us and we will try and help you. If you have an animal you no longer want no matter what age or condition we will try and help. We are mainly a small animal rescue, but we will be more than happy to help with any animals from dogs, cats, rabbits, all rodents, fish, insects, reptiles, birds and wildlife, we are linked with other organisations that may be able to help. We can also help with orphan babies as we have great experience with handrearing many different species.
We Need Your Help
Sunny bridge needs your help we are in need of more adoptors, rehomers and donators. We have more hamsters waiting to come in but are running out of space fast. If you feel you can help please contact us.
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